Arrival and introduction meeting
We start our masterclass the evening before with a welcome drink in a cozy restaurant, to get to know each other and to talk about our plans for the upcoming days.
Day 1
It's about you
Photo Walk
Havana Vieja
Classic Car Tour

Lecture 1: „Don’t take pictures ‚from‘ people, take pictures ‚of‘ people.“

We start with you. The best photographers of people don’t just tell us something about the person in the picture. They also tell us about the person behind the camera – about you.
Learn to get aware of your creativity. We go through your equipment and and talk about basic technical rules, before we start our first photo walk in Havana Vieja, where we walk through the streets, entering houses, workrooms and  shops on our way and also visiting a Gym Club.
After lunch, we go on a Classic Car Tour and make a round trip visiting main sights of Havana. Ride through the Malecón, visit the Christopher Columbus Cemetery, the Forrest of Havana, the art project Fusterlandia, and end the tour in Regla village, with its contrast between the industrial and old Havana, viewing the sunset.

Day 2
Movement and rhythm
Dance Company Malpaso
2 Dancers
Beach Mi Calito

Lecture 2 „Following movements, being moved yourself.“

How do we bring dynamism to your pictures?
This day is all about movement and rhythm, body and soul, to move and to be moved.
We visit the dance company Mal Paso and watch the dance rehearsal of the group.
Afterwards we explore movements on a natural stage and go to a beach close to Havana, accompanied by two wonderful  dancers who will work with us.

Day 3
Poses and imagination
Colonial Villa Vedado
2 Young Girls
Classic Convertible Car
2 Modells

Lecture 3: „The most difficult pose, is to be natural.“

The Quinceañera is an important fest in Cuba that traditionally young women celebrate at the age of 15. The core element is a photo shooting with the young girl, where she is posing in different looks, idealising her future life. We will work with two young girls of 15 years together with the Cuban photographer Adrian Legra, who is specialised in „Foto de Qunice“. He will show his technics and explains, how he gets the best out of the young girls. Our location is a old villa in Havana Vedado, where also Rhinna got photographed.In the afternoon, we set up a a fashion shoot in the streets of Havana, with two professional models, and a classic car as prop, and we work until late in the twilight of the evening, with additional lights like flash and LED lamps.

Day 4
Circus School

Lecture Lecture 4: „Reveal the subconscious. Unveiling the view.“

A great photographer is like a psychologist who knows how to elicit the truth from a patient.
To „get“ something from your model, you need to maintain control while gaining his trust.
Joerg shares how she approaches working with a subject for a photo shoot, including refuting the popular notion that it’s a photographer’s responsibility to put a subject at ease.
We go to a big pitoresque studio like space and portrait several people, we have cast before. After lunch we visit the Circus School next door and work with young acrobats who are training there.

Day 5
Light is never neutral
E-Bike Tour
Calle 10 Octubre

Final selection&post production

Lecture 5: „Make the most out of your images.“

Light is not tangible and yet it has a body, a sound. Hear the light. The light takes over telling, but what does it say to you? Yes, it has to be measured – that’s easy – but exposure values ​​do not tell you anything about the “psychology of light”.
To fully understand this, you have to recognise something much more original than ever. We start very early and go on an E-Byke Tour to Vibora. Vibora has the highest point of Havana, situated south from Havana Centro, connected through the long winding Calle 10 de Octubre, bristling from real life. We follow the Calle 10 Octubre down until we arrive at the Capitolio. From there driving back to our home in Vedado.

After lunch Joerg sits down with the participants to select and critique their work and share his own approach to core principles of photography. In the evening we meet for our fare well dinner.