DAY 5 – Image Editing & Composing

Tell your story, make your own book

Day 5 – Image Editing & Composing

  • Composition rules
  • Digital Editing with Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Final selection&book layouts
  • Farewell E-Bike Tour

To see your images in the context of a layout, this will change the way how you see and understand them, and this is an importuned part of the learning process.

„Install a powerful narrative in your picture.“

• First Joerg sits down with you to select and critique your work and share his own approach to core principles of photography.

• As this is our final day, we have no fixed program. You can decide, if you prefers to go out, after we have made our selections, and explorer the streets of Havana, now equipped with the knowledge of the previous days, supported by Adrian, or if you prefer to continue working with Joerg on the finalising of the selected images and the layout of your unique Havana book.

• In the late afternoon everyone has the option to join a cool farewell E-bike tour trough Havana.

„Enhance the drama by working with strong composition lines in the picture.“

Add color to the light

Work with the contrast, between dark and light

Make your own book

Make an exclusive book of your Havana experience.

On the first day, Joerg describes the masterclass concept and discusses it with you, explaining possible content and styles of the photography.

Defining the formats and number of pictures in a variety of layouts for a book of about 40 -70 pages, depending on how many pictures you will take and select in the end.

After each day Joerg makes a first preselection with you and on our last day, we go through your material again and do a final selection with the appropriate image editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

The finalised book can then be ordered e.g. via Lightroom at BLURB in the desired edition format and numbers.

Digital Editing

Masterclass Dates: 2019, May 07. - 11. Havana, Cuba. During May, special arrangements for one-to one teaching.