Joerg Reichardt
Photographer & Tutor
Joerg Reichardt is a German photographer, specializing in portrait, scenic and documentary photography, with a practical photography experience now over 35 years. Joerg’s photographs have appeared in editorials, magazines from Mondo Uomo to Vogue, he did advertisings campaigns for international brands like Puma, Nikon, Absolut Vodka and has focused now manly on portrait photography.
Joerg got his first camera in his hand at the age of seventeen. He felt a strong natural attraction as if it had always belonged to him. This attraction has remained to this days.
His career began in Berlin and took him to Paris, Milan and New York, where he lived and worked over 10 years as a fashion photographer. In the year 2000 he decided to come back to Berlin, where he lives and works now as an advertising and portrait photographer.
10 years ago, out of a spontaneous decision, he came the first time to Havana. Fascinating and paradoxical, the city once known as the “Paris of the Western Hemisphere” embraced him, and he fell in love with the city.
and since then he shares his time between Havanna and Berlin.
Joerg teaches you his philosophy on photography, how to develop concepts, work on the street, take portraits, shoot with natural light, and bring images to life in post-production.
Adrian Legra
Photographer & Co-Tutor
Adrian Legra was growing up in Havana in a poor neighbourhood, in a world stripped of images, just surrounded by the great photographs of José Korda, the photographer of the famous Che Guevara image. Adrian had to give up his first dream to study art and went to the military school like his grandfather and father before, but he dropped out after two years, knowing he had to find his own way. Through a friend he got in contact with „Photo de Quince“ and there he met Laura, his creative partner until now. He picked up photography by him self and together with Laura, developed a new approach to the „Photo de Quince“, creating over the years one of the most successful photo studios in Havana.
Now, with 32, Adrian, is saying: „Life made me a photographer.“
As photography and moving images grow together in this time, Adrian was winning last December the „Lucas 2018“, the most prestigious price for music videos in Cuba.
Adrian is contrasting, with his down to earth approach, the contemplative and conceptional way Joergs thinking about photography. Teaching and learning with the two mentors, what come from very different background, combined by their passion for photography, is creating a unique opportunity to learn and create for all participants.