Photography Masterclass

Joerg Alexander Reichardt

Joerg is a German photographer, specializing in portrait, scenic and documentary photography, with a practical photography experience now over 35 years. Since 10 years Joerg is sharing its time between Havana and Berlin.

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One-to-one teaching



For one-to-one teaching in May and June, please enquire about availability and possible special arrangements

Joerg Alexander Reichardt
Teaches Photography
Joerg takes you onto ‘his’ Havana to teach you everything he knows about photography and telling stories through images.
Single individuell photo workshops
during May and June
Havana, Cuba

City of light.
Straddling between socialism and capitalism, decay and glamour, riotous colours and melancholy interiors, the city races in many opposite directions due to its arrested development toward an uncertain future.
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Showing the world through your eyes.

That’s what it’s all about.

The workshops combine a individual program with very exciting visual tours in Havana. You can chose from five photographic themes, you will develop in the field in a mindful photographic approach, to connect photography and mind, expanding and deepening your vision. Joerg Reichardt teaches you his philosophy on photography— how to develop concepts, work on the street, take portraits, work with body and movement, creating a look in fashion, shoot with natural and artificial light, and bring images to life in post-production.

Get inspired,


and learn.

  • Compact and easy going
    Down to earth and practically oriented.
    You will learn that ingenious photos are less about technical know-how and more about using your most valuable instrument: Your eyes
  • One-to-one teaching
    Individuell photography workshops
    The one-to-one teaching in Joergs workshops will allow him to offer you very dedicated photographic instruction and personal photo review sessions as well as a very exciting visual tour and program in Havana.
  • Experience
    The workshop&masterclass is open to photographers at all levels who are basically technically self-sufficient, and passionate about improving their image making, in a mindful approach.
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Joerg Reichardt is a German born photographer, specializing in portrait, scenic and documentary photography, with a practical photography experience now over 35 years.

I like walking in the street
I like to walk with my camera, it is a form of meditation. The goal is to get in the flow with the things that surround you.
It is not merely a record of an event, place or issue.
You look into an illuminated rectangle, in which the figures move between on and off, who surrender and cover, who give you a riddle and thus a desire for dissolution and revelation.
It feels more like first row in the world theatre.
Creating ambiguity with a blend of natural and artificial light
The gentle twilight carries a secret in itself. Light is not tangible and yet it has a body, a sound. Yes, it has to be measured – that’s easy – but exposure values ​​do not tell you anything about the „psychology of light“.
joerg reichardt
Teaches Photography

In the last 10 years Joerg shared it’s time between Berlin and Havana. Over the years Havana has become it’s second home. The one-to-one workshops give Joerg the opportunity to pass on, very individually, his knowledge and rich experience in photography.

The formal characteristics of the picture are the key to the visual experience
My pictures are no paintings, but they should satisfy the people who see them, like a painting does.
The camera is seen as an instrument to show things, but it covers as much.
In the fragment, in the simplification, in the silhouette, there is a multitude of open emotions and questions.
The human form counts among the most changeable terrains of photography.
The plasticity of the body – its posture, its position, its behaviour – offers many visual possibilities. It adapts to the place, and sometimes it emphasizes the awkwardness of the human form, sometimes its beauty and elegance.

Workshop Themes


Photography Workshop

Enrol on an unique learning experience in one of the most picturesque places.

Basic Daily Fee
One-to-one teaching
495,- $
*payable via Paypal
*Depending of the class and the individual activities, possible additional fees will compline.
No payment information required. Payments are arranged at a later date once your eligibility is confirmed.
What you get
Individuell Tutition
All local transportation, Taxi, Car, Minibus,
All expenses for lunch and beverages
Tuition in the field *
Post Production Process
with Lightroom & Photoshop
Special Arrangements
One-to one teaching
Please enquire for possible special arrangements, depending on your photographic interest.
Travel Information
One-to-one lessons are aimed to interested photographers, who are already in Havana or who make their own travel arrangements to arrive in Havana in time. Once the lesson/timing is confirmed, travel details, suggestions, and tips to help participants with their travel and stay in Cuba are provided.

*Visas can be purchased at the airport before departure from your air carrier.
*Visitors to Cuba must also have proof of valid medical insurance.

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For your contacts
Joerg Reichardt
Germany + 49 176 627 636 40
Cuba + 53 54 820 824


Joerg Reichardt
Calle 27 e E y F #508
Havana / Vedado, Cuba
Anklamer Str. 7
D-10115 Berlin

The photographic frame is a charged space that creates its own context.

My primary concern is to open your eyes to the diversity of photographic vision.

Joerg Reichardt
I like to teach you photography

Make your own book

Make an exclusive book of your Havana experience.

To see your photos in the context of a layout, is changing the way how you perceive them.

Joerg is setting up a book layout with Lightroom for you and discusses possible content and styles of the photography. Defining the formats and number of pictures in a variety of layouts for an individual book project. After the day Joerg will make a preselection with you and go through your material with a first image editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

A finalised book can then be ordered e.g. via Lightroom at BLURB in the desired edition format and numbers.

Lightroom & Photoshop

Masterclass Dates: 2019, May 07. - 11. Havana, Cuba. During May, special arrangements for one-to one teaching.